What if the garage opener was friendlier?

…and smarter?

Garage Dashboard

Smart Garage - Dashboard on Computer

Garage Dashboard

What if your garage was really smart and kept an eye on everything for you–from access control to smoke and chemical traces in the air?

Storage Helper

What if it helped you find that thing you stored away 6 months ago, or even reminded you that it was time to clean out those dusty old boxes?

Friendly Automation

What if it knew you were almost home, so it turned on the lights, unlocked and opened the door and started playing some nice music in the background to greet you?

Simplified Access Security

Smart Garage - Activity Dashboard on iPad

…and better connected?

Mobile Control

Smart Garage - Dashboard on iPhone
Smart Garage - Sidebar Menu on iPhone
Smart Garage - Open Alert on Mobile

Smartwatch Convenience

Smart Garage - Open Alert on Smartwatch

Simple Notifications

…and looked as nice as it is nice?

Sleek Base Station Mounted on Garage Ceiling

Smart Garage - Base Station

Interior Camera

Smart Garage - Base Station Outline
Smart Garage - Architecture Schematic
Smart Garage - Cloud Schematic

That would be nice.

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