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A Brother’s Song

By July 31, 2014Music
A Brother's Song

One of my goals last year was to record 50 piano improvisation sessions. It stretched me, not only in its quantity, but in the discipline of capturing what I create, imperfect as it may be. I’ve carried forward this practice, and I often listen to past recordings and smile (or cringe).

But there is one improv session that brings me hope.

A few months ago I was with my brother at the hospital. In the lobby, as I wheeled him out, I saw a piano. “How about a song?” I asked. Now I am neither a performer nor a pianist, and I didn’t have anything planned or prepared. Nevertheless, I sat down right there and created a song for him to express a love that is difficult to put into words.

In design, I have often said that the most courageous act is putting the pen to the paper. It’s not in planning or in sharing our work or asking for help, but in the unripe actualization.

Meaningful things emerge there. However, because he faces true adversity, my brother lives each day on that courageous edge of uncertainty, and yet he chooses to make the day good. It is his courage that makes this song meaningful to me.

About the Recording
The audio was recorded that day with my iPhone using Voice Record Pro, and I did minimal enhancements with Adobe Audition (trimming, compression, fades, etc.).

About the Visualization
To make it more entertaining, I added an audio visualization using

About the Picture
The picture above was taken from my brother’s hospital room.


Tyler Bengtson is a designer and product manager working in San Jose, California. He is ever inspired, easily amazed, eager to learn and happy to share at Redevised.


  • Mama says:

    BEAUTIFUL, Tyler!! Just BEAUTIFUL,!!!

  • Nancy Ryan says:

    As tears are streaming down my face, my heart swells with love and hope for all of you. Nick is in my prayers every day. This is the most beautiful tribute imaginable.

  • JoAnne says:

    Tyler you have such a beautiful heart and soul. Thank you for sharing what I’m sure was a very tender moment with your brother. You are surrounded by the love out such a big family!! Love always

  • Granmama says:

    There are NO words to express my feelings at this moment. Love you both so MUCH!

  • Chris Sammons says:

    Beautiful song Tyler. I haven’t seen/spoken to Nick in years but I pray for him everyday. He’s lucky to have a brother like you.

  • Betty True says:

    I have never met these young men but I know “Gramma”. She is a very dear friend. There is something special about the love between brothers. I was witness to it years ago when one of my sons nearly died in a traffic accident. His brother never left his side until the danger was gone. It is a beautiful message of love and hope you give to your brother and the whole family.

  • Christy John says:

    Awe inspiring!! An incredible song!

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