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What would you do
if you didn't have to?

This is what I would do.

Hi, I'm Tyler

Tyler Bengtson

My Calling is to Create

I create and give the world better things or things that ought to be.

I Make Products Better

I iterate on ideas and products using design thinking process.

I’m Designing a Better World

I believe every project should have and heed a noble purpose.

Redevised is helping others through rapid product delivery, iterative design processes and open learning.

A Better Balance

Also, I want to work, play, live and be with my family, then show others how that can be done.

Times Family Came First


Regrets about that



Excellence, when concealed, differs but little from buried worthlessness. (Horace)

Principles I have found to be true

Ideas are limitless, there is no shortage
Ideas become valuable as they become tangible to others
Time is more valuable than money
Assumptions allow us to move quickly; proofpoints steer us in the right direction
If I cannot picture the value, I should not proceed


Be Authentic
Be Bold
Respect Everyone
Never Stop Learning
Do It Well